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Network Connections and Initialization

The hardware appliance comes with a pre-assigned IP address of Web configuration takes place using this IP address or one assigned via the appliance console. Initialize and access the appliance console as follows:

  • Plug a network-enabled cable into the NIC5 port of the appliance.
  • Connect a monitor and USB keyboard to the “Video” and USB port connectors of the appliance.
  • Connect the provided power cables to the AC power receptacle and to a suitable AC power source and turn on the appliance.
  • Once the system has booted and initialization is complete, a text-based console screen is displayed with a number of options including: “Appliance Information”, “Configure IP Address”, “Ping IP Address”, “Revert to Factory Defaults”, “Shutdown Appliance”, and “Restart Appliance”.

    The hardware appliance will not accept a DHCP address until it has been configured to do so via the web configuration interface.

    Note the additional option (available only on the Tenable Hardware Appliance) to “Revert to Factory Defaults”. This option wipes out all previous configuration settings.

  • Choose “Configure IP Address” to enter the static IPv4 or IPv6 address that will be used for web configuration along with the gateway and DNS addresses (if applicable).

No further steps are required from the console although it can be used to display appliance information, reconfigure the static IPv4 and IPv6 address on the first Ethernet device NIC1, ping an IPv4 or IPv6 address or hostname, revert the appliance to factory defaults, shut down, and restart the appliance.

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