Plugin Management

The “Plugin Management” section enables users to manually update their Nessus plugin set. This is particularly useful in offline situations where SecurityCenter will not have direct access to Tenable’s plugin servers. It is important to disable the SecurityCenter nightly plugin update process when using the manual method.

A hyperlink is provided on the screen labeled “manual plugin update page”. If you need to perform a manual plugin update, click this link and follow the step-by-step directions. Once completed, click “Submit the Information” to save the information received for later.

After the plugins have been manually updated, the page changes to include a link where plugin updates can be manually retrieved, or where the plugin feed can be reset in the event a reset is required (e.g., new activation code). The screen capture below contains a sampling of the updated page.

Upload these plugins as type “Active” through the SecurityCenter “Upload Plugin” web page.

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