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Obtaining and Installing Updates for Tenable Appliance 300

Note: Prior to updating the system it is strongly recommended that a backup is performed and downloaded to the desktop or another location.

Appliance updates are made available on the Tenable Support Portal located at Updates are cumulative, so the newest update package for the Tenable Appliance version contains previous updates.

To install the software, log into your Appliance web interface (https://<ipaddress>:8000/) and navigate to the Administration tab. Using the “Update Appliance” section at the top of the screen, click the “Choose File” button and select the update package that was downloaded. Once selected, click the “Apply Update” button to update the Appliance.

Note: Once the update process begins, it may take some time to process and complete. When successfully completed a web restart page will be displayed at an address of https://<ipaddress>I:8000/static/webrestart.html. If a red error banner is displayed at the top during the update process, please contact Tenable Support.

Restarting the Appliance prior to the completion of the update may lead to data loss and damage to the Appliance OS and/or filesystem. A backup file may be needed for restoration. It is recommended you verify that the update has completed successfully by examining the system logs.

To be sure the update has completed successfully, or if you do not see https://<ipaddress>:8000/static/webrestart.html, return to the Appliance web interface and navigate to the Logs page. Check the “System Log” and look for the message that includes “yum: Updated: tenableAppliance-x.x.x-x86_64-update.

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