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Appliance Tab

The “Appliance” tab, shown above, enables you to view application version and license information, network interface status, and other information about the Appliance at a glance. There are three sections under this tab: “Application License Information”, “Appliance Information”, and “Version Information”.

Application License Information

The information provided in this section displays a summary of the license information for the installed Tenable software. This provides a quick reference list to the current license status. This section is not displayed if there are no applications installed.

Appliance Information

This section contains a variety of information pertinent to your particular Appliance configuration including current date/time as seen by the Appliance, system uptime, hostname, disk utilization, Ethernet interface links, installation date, admin user password creation date, and the date the license was accepted. The “Interface” text contains clickable links that navigates to the “Networking” tab configuration.

Note: The “Installed” date information is the date the Appliance software was installed (or reinstalled), not the date of the local Appliance deployment.

Version Information

This section contains the Support ID (may read “No Asset Tag” on the VM Appliance) and the current versions of the base Appliance and all installed applications. This information is important when contacting Tenable Support.

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