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Support Tab

If you have an issue that you are working with Tenable Support on, you may be asked to generate a support report to aid in troubleshooting the problem. If this is requested, click on the Support tab and then the Generate Support Report button and optionally select Sanitize the generated support report to remove IP addresses from the logs in the Tenable applications which support the feature, as shown in the following screen capture:

Once the report is generated, it will be accessible on the Available Support Reports drop-down. Select the report to download, click Download Report, and then send the full report (the entire .tar.gz file) to [email protected]. When the support archive is no longer needed it may safely be deleted. Select the report to delete from the drop-down and click the Delete Report button. While multiple support archives may be created each day, a daily task runs to delete all but the 10 most recent support reports each day.

Network Tests

Network tests can be done using traceroute or ping options. These tests are available from the Supporttab of the web interface and Network Tests entry on the console menu.

From the Support menu in the UI

or command line on the console.

Generate Packet Capture

The Generate Packet Capture option gives the user the ability to create a packet capture of one or all of the available interfaces from a drop-down selection. The capture time is for a period ranging from 1 to 15 minutes, incremented by minutes, and utilizes the tcpdump utility. Providing a filter string for tcpdump gives the ability to filter the results of the report provided by tcpdump. This utility is useful for troubleshooting network connectivity issues.

The Available Packet Captures section provides a drop-down list of the completed packet capture (pcap) files. Selecting a capture file from the list and selecting the download button will download the pcap file uncompressed or compressed as a gzipped file if the Compress Capture feature was used. Selecting a capture file and selecting the View Capture Snippet option will display the selected number of lines of the capture file without downloading the entire file. Clicking the Delete Capture button will permanently delete the selected capture file.

Note: Information about tcpdump and its filter options is available at

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