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Configure Clock Settings

The Appliance clock settings, including time zone and custom NTP server, are customized from the Configure Clock Settings section.

Time Zone

The drop-down box next to the Time Zone: box allows you to select from all available time zones. By default, the Appliance will be set to the America/New_York time zone.

NTP Local Reference Clock

When set to On, the NTP service will utilize the local clock as a time reference when external time sources are unavailable. Due to the nature of VM environments, when the Appliance is run as a VM, it is recommended to turn this option off. When running and enabled on the hardware version of the Appliance, this option can be useful to maintain accurate time.

Ignore NTP Requests

Enabling this option prevents the NTP service from responding to time requests made from other devices on the network. It is recommended to enable this option in most hardware environments, and particularly when run as a VM guest.

Custom NTP Servers

The Tenable Appliance is configured with a built-in NTP client that, by default, synchronizes with public NTP servers from In most environments this will be modified to use an NTP server on the local network to ensure time is accurate with the Appliance’s peers. To modify the NTP servers, enter the IP address or FQDN in the field provided. Standard ntp.conf server configuration lines may be used for server entries. Once the appropriate settings for the environment have been selected, click on Submit Clock Settings for the changes to take effect and initiate the first synchronization with the updated settings.

Configure SNMP (v2c) Agent Strings

When monitoring the Appliance via SNMP, there are three settings to be configured: SNMP Community, System Contact, and System Location. Once set to the desired configuration, select the Submit SNMP Settings button to apply the new settings. If the SNMP agent is enabled, the service will restart and enable them. Selecting the Enable SNMP Agent or Disable SNMP Agent will perform the appropriate action for the agent.

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