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Q. I forgot the IP address of the Appliance. How do I retrieve it?

A. If you forget the IP address of the Appliance, access the Appliance console and move the arrow keys to highlight Appliance Information and press Enter.

Q. Nessus will not start.

A. This could mean a corrupt plugin database. Select Applications/Nessus® and select Rebuild Plugin Database under Additional Nessus Actions. Wait approximately 5-60 minutes for the processing to complete. Refresh the page and see if Nessus starts. If not, ensure you have saved the current configuration and then perform a reinstallation and restore the saved configuration. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact Tenable Support for assistance.

Q. I lost my password to the admin account. How do I reset it?

A. To set up password recovery, follow the steps in Appliance Management Interface Users.

If the password recovery steps have not been performed, another admin account may reset the password for the affected user.

If the first two options are not available to be used, the following steps must be performed, and all data will be lost.

VM Appliance

For the VM Appliance, deploy a new VM using the most recent version available from the support portal and proceed to complete the initial system configuration. You can then use backups previously downloaded to restore older data or follow the directions for importing your existing application data using disks from the previous Appliance VM. See Virtual Image Migration for more details on importing data from VM disks.

Hardware Appliance

For the Hardware ApplianceTenable no longer sells the Hardware Appliance but will continue to provide service for existing contracts until March, 2020., use the Appliance console Remove Password option to restore the Appliance to the default configuration. Doing so zeros out the current admin password and allows you to create a new password the next time you log in to the Appliance UI.

Note: Reverting to factory defaults or going back to an original VM image will cause you to lose any data that has not been captured and restored from a previous backup. Refer to Backup Appliance for more information.

Q. I have modified one of the application configuration items but the change doesn’t seem to have taken effect.

A. Many of the configuration changes that are made via the Appliance web interface will not take effect until the corresponding service is restarted. This applies to most application-specific configuration items and is good practice when making configuration changes on the Tenable Appliance.

Q. On the application page I get a message that I have XX GB of disk space and need to increase the size of the disk. How do I expand my virtual disk to add more space?

A. Depending on your VM platform, there are different methods to expand the disk size. Refer to the proper method for your platform and increase the virtual disk file used for data to the new desired size. Once restarted, your Tenable Appliance VM will automatically recognize and use the additional disk space.

Q. I cannot log into the web interface for the Tenable Appliance. Is it possible to see error messages on the console?

A. While a history of messages is not available, you can see the current messages being written to the system log. If you go to the console of your Appliance and type Alt-F3 (hold down Alt while pressing the F3 key), you will see the current messages which may help narrow down issues with the Appliance. Typing Alt-F1 (hold down Alt while pressing the F1 key) will return you to the main Appliance console screen. Typing Alt-LeftArrow, and Alt-RightArrow also works to switch between the console menu and system logs.

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