Integrate with Atlassian Jira

You can integrate Tenable Cloud Security with Atlassian Jira to manage cloud alerts and create Jira tickets for issues. Tenable Cloud Security requires access to your Jira domain, email account, and API token for integration.

Before you begin:

  • As a Jira administrator, add a new issue type named Security Issue in your Jira project to integrate with Tenable Cloud Security and to escalate violations. Configure this Security Issue issue type with the following Required fields:

    • Project

    • Summary

    • Description

    • Reporter

    • Assignee

    • Priority

    Caution: Do not set any other fields as mandatory, as this can cause the Jira ticket creation to fail.

    For more information, see Add a new issue type and Specifying field behavior in the Atlassian documentation.

  • Generate a Jira API token for your Atlassian account.

    For more information, see Create an API token in Atlassian documentation.

  • Ensure generic users have the appropriate permissions to create issues within the JIRA project selected when integrating with Tenable Cloud Security.

To integrate Jira Cloud with Tenable Cloud Security:

  1. Access Tenable Cloud Security.

  2. In the left pane, click Integrations.

    The All Integrations page appears.

  3. Click Configure Jira Integration.

    The Jira Integration page appears.

  4. Select the Jira Cloud option to integrate Jira with Tenable Cloud Security.

  5. Click Continue.

  6. Select the API Token option to use Jira API token for authentication.

  7. Click Continue.

  8. In the Enter your credentials section, provide the following details:

    • In the Jira Domain box, type the name of Jira domain that you want to integrate with Tenable Cloud Security.

    • In the Email box, type the email ID associated with the Jira API token.

    • In the Token box, copy and paste the value of the Jira API token for your Atlassian account.

  9. Click Continue.

  10. In the Set up Jira Configuration section, provide the following details:

    • In the Project drop-down box, select the Jira project.

      All Jira projects in your domain appear in the Project drop-down box.

    • In the Issue type drop-down box, select the issue type as Security Issue.

    • In the Reporter drop-down box, select the username of the reporter for the Jira tickets.

    • In the Assignee drop-down box, select the username of the assignee for the Jira tickets.

      Note: Only the users that are part of the selected Jira Project are displayed in the Reporter and Assignee fields.

    You can view a read-only generic summary of issues. When you create a Jira ticket, Tenable Cloud Security automatically populates the issue summary and description based on the failing policy.

  11. Click Continue.

  12. Click Setup Jira.

Tenable Cloud Security integrates with Jira. You can now create issues for any failing policies from Tenable Cloud Security. For more information about creating tickets, see Create a Ticket for an Issue.