Integrate with AWS CodeCommit

Tenable Cloud Security integrates with AWS CodeCommit and scans the repositories for any violations.

Note: The following features are not currently available with AWS CodeCommit:
  • Scanning a particular branch or folder of a repository. Tenable Cloud Security scans only the main or master branch.

  • Auto-remediate settings option during repository scan.

  • Creating pull requests when remediating violations.

Before you begin:

  • Obtain access to an AWS CodeCommit source code provider account to connect to the repositories.

  • You must have the ARN of the role with access to AWS CodeCommit.

    For more information, see Set Up Write Access for AWS CodeCommit.

To integrate Tenable Cloud Security with AWS CodeCommit:

  1. Navigate to the Connect to repository page.

  2. In the Connect to a version control provider section, click AWS CodeCommit.

    Tenable Cloud Security redirects you to the log in page of the AWS CodeCommit source code provider.

  3. In the Role ARN for Code Commit box, type the role ARN.

    For more information about getting the Role ARN for code commit, see Setting up write access for AWS CodeCommit.

  4. Click the Select a region box.

  5. Select the appropriate AWS region.

  6. Click Connect to AWS Code Commit.

    Tenable Cloud Security connects to the source code provider. Once the connection succeeds a icon appear next to the source code provider.

  7. (Optional) To disconnect the source code provider, click .

    A dialog appears asking you to confirm whether you want to disconnect. Click Yes to disconnect.