Integrate with Bitbucket

Before you begin

Obtain access to a Bitbucket source code provider account to connect to the repositories.

To integrate Tenable Cloud Security with Bitbucket:

  1. Navigate to the Connect to repository page.

  2. In the Connect to a version control provider section, click Bitbucket.

  3. Click Connect to Bitbucket.

    Tenable Cloud Security redirects you to the log in page of the Bitbucket source code provider.

  4. In the Bitbucket login window, type the email address of your Bitbucket account.

  5. Click Continue.

  6. Type the password for the specified email address.

  7. Click Log in.

    If you are connecting to Bitbucket for the first time, Tenable Cloud Security requires access permissions to your Bitbucket account.

  8. Read the access permissions required.

  9. Click Grant access.

    A message confirms that Tenable Cloud Security connected to Bitbucket using the specified credentials. Once the connection succeeds a icon appear next to the source code provider.

  10. (Optional) To disconnect the source code provider, click .

    A dialog appears asking you to confirm whether you want to disconnect. Click Yes to disconnect.