Live Results for Agentless Assessment

Agentless Assessment updates with new plugins automatically to allow you to assess your resources for new vulnerabilities. However, if your scan runs on an infrequent schedule, it may not apply new plugins until several days after the plugin update. This gap could leave your resources exposed to unknown vulnerabilities. When a new vulnerability detection is published to the Tenable vulnerability research feed, Tenable Cloud Security live results allows security teams to identify potential vulnerabilities within their existing collected inventory without needing to execute a new scan.

In Agentless Assessment, you can use live results to view scan results for new plugins based on the most recently collected snapshot data, without running a new scan. Live results show you potential new threats and let you determine if you need to launch a scan manually to confirm the findings. Live results are not results from an active scan — they are an assessment based on already-collected data. Live results do not produce results for new plugins that require either active detection, such as an exploit, or previously uncollected data.

Live results appear in the Vulnerabilities tab in Tenable Vulnerability Management.