Alerts Page Information

The Alerts page displays the logs generated for all scans. You can filter the alerts based on projects, log type, scan source, and actions. For more information, see Filter Options.

Column Description


A summary of the alert. You can click the summary text to view:

  • Summary

  • Created

  • Type

  • Source

  • Action

  • Project


The project name.


The violation source:

  • IaC

  • Cloud

Resource Type

The resource type associated with the alert.

Cloud Account The cloud account associated with the scan.


The IP address of the machine and the time when Tenable Cloud Security reported the issue.

Filter Options

Option Description


Filter the alerts based on the cloud provider.

Resource Type

Filter the alerts based on the type of resource type.


Filter the alerts based on the source type of scans:

  • Policy

  • CloudTrail


Filter the alerts based on the severity of the issue:

  • High

  • Medium

  • Low