Configure Alert Rules

In Tenable Cloud Security, you can enable alert rules to receive notifications about any change to your account.

To receive notifications:

  1. Access Tenable Cloud Security.

  2. In the left navigation bar, click Alerts.

  3. Click the Alert Rules tab.
    A page opens with a list of rules.

  4. To enable violation alerts, select the checkboxes next to the appropriate alert rules.
    Tenable Cloud Security enables Manage Alerts.

  5. Click Manage Alerts.
    The Manage Notifications pane appears.

  6. Hover over your project and click the toggle next to the project name.

    Note: You can select more than one project to assign the alert rule.
    The toggle changes to blue. A message confirms that Tenable Cloud Security enabled the alert rule for the project.

  7. Click X to close the Manage Notifications pane to return to the Alert Rules tab.

Note: A green bell icon indicates that Tenable Cloud Security enabled the alert rule for one or more projects. A blue bell icon indicates that the alert rule is disabled.