Download Configuration File

The configuration file of a project contains target, environment, application, and repository details. Tenable Cloud Security CLI uses the configuration file to run a scan.

  1. Access Tenable Cloud Security.

  2. In the left navigation bar, click .

    The Projects & Connections page appears.

  3. Click the Projects & Connections tab.

    Tenable Cloud Security displays the list of projects.

  4. Hover over the required project and click the project name. For information about creating projects, see Create a Project.

    Tip: Use the Search box to search for a specifc project.

    The Project details pane appears.

  5. Click the Configuration button to download the configuration file.

    Tenable Cloud Security downloads a .zip file that contains the configuration files for each repository in the project. The configuration file includes the following fields:

    • target: Tenable Cloud Security cloud environment.

    • env: Project ID in the Tenable Cloud Security Console.

    • app and api-token: Authentication token.

    • repoName: Repository URL.