Remediate Drifts

You can remediate drifts that occurred in your cloud or IaC accounts. Tenable Cloud Security provides an option to create a Jira ticket to resolve the drift and remediate the violation. You can also share the violation by sending alerts.

To remediate drifts:

  1. In the left navigation bar, click Resources.

    The Resources page appears.

  2. Click the Resources with Drift tab.

    The list of all resource types with drifts appears.

  3. Click the Filters icon.

    The list of filter options appears:

    Filter Description


    Filters by project names.
    Cloud Accounts Filters by cloud accounts.
    Repository Filters by repositories.
    K8s clusters Filters by Kubernetes clusters.
    Source Filters by types: IaC, Cloud, State File, Mapped (IaC & Cloud).
    Insights Filters by the types of violations found: Exposed blob stores, Exposed databases, Read/write IAM, and Exposed security groups.
    Compliance State Filters by compliance states: Has Violations, Has IaC Drifts, and Has Cloud Drifts.
    Resource Type Filters by resource types.
    VPC Filter Filters by VPC source.
  4. Select the required filters and click Apply.

    Tenable Cloud Security shows the filtered results on the Resources page.

  5. Click the resource type that you want to view.
    All resources with drift for that resource type appear.

  6. Click the resource ID that you want to view.

    The Resource Details tab appears.

  7. Click Drifts.

  8. Select the check box next to the drift that you want to remediate.

    Tenable Cloud Security enables Remediate.

  9. Do one of the following:

    1. Click  > Create Ticket.

      For more information about creating a ticket, see Create a Ticket for an Issue.

    2. Click  > Share.

    3. For more information about escalating an issue, see Escalate or Share an Issue.