Review Drifts

In Tenable Cloud Security, you can review the IaC and the cloud drifts in your account. Reviewing drifts helps you view and understand violations, drifts that occurred, your change history, and configuration details.

  1. Access Tenable Cloud Security.

  2. In the left navigation bar, click Resources.
    The Resources page appears.

  3. Click the Resources with Drift tab.
    The Resources with Drift page appears.

    Note: Use the Categories pane on the left to change the display based on resource types or failing policies.

  4. On the Resources with Drift page, do one of the following:

    • Select the required resource type to view the details.

    • Use the Search box to search and select specific resources. You can search using these options: Research IDResource Name, Resource ARN, SourceRegion, and Cloud VPC.

    • Use the following filters to list to select the required resource types.

      Filter Description
      Projects Filters resource types by projects.
      Cloud accounts Filters resource types by cloud accounts.
      Repositories Filters resource types by repositories.
      Source Type

      Filters resource types by IaC or Cloud.

      More filters Filters the results by Resource Types, Compliance state, VPC source, Source location, or Mapped.
      Clear filters Clears the filters.
      Show Results Displays the filtered results.
    • The Resource Type details page appears.

  5. In the Resources ID column, select the required resource ID to view its details.
    Tenable Cloud Security displays the details of the selected resource type.

  6. Click the Drifts tab to open the Drifts section.

  7. In the upper-right corner, click Filter to select the type of drift:

    • Computed

    • Missing in IaC

    • Missing in Cloud

  8. Tenable Cloud Security displays the selected drift types. For more information, see View Cloud Drifts and View IaC Drifts .