View Ignored Misconfigurations

You can ignore a policy for a resource if the policy is not applicable to a resource or you do not want to report the violation for that policy.

To view ignored misconfigurations:

  1. In the left navigation bar, click Findings.
    The Misconfigurations page appears.

  2. Click the Ignored Misconfigurations tab.
    The Ignored Misconfigurations page appears.

  3. Click the ignored policy that you want to view.
    The Ignored policy pane appears.

  4. In the Ignored Resources section, do one of the following:

    • Select the required ignored policy to view its details.
    • Filter and select the required ignored policy using one of the following filters:


      Resource type Filters the impacted resources by resource types.
      Source Filters the impacted resources by source.
      Inference Filters the impacted resources by inference.
  5. Click Export > CSV to download the ignored misconfigurations report in the CSV format.

    The report provides a project-wise listing of all ignored failing policies and includes the following details:

    • Project

    • Source (IaC or Cloud)

    • Cloud Account

    • VPC

    • Policy Group

    • Severity

    • Failing Policy

    • Resource Type

    • Cloud ARN

    • Cloud ID

    • IaC ID

    • IaC Repository

    • Date and time the violation was last seen

  6. To unignore or create a Jira ticket for the ignored policy:

    1. Select the checkbox next to the ignored resource that you want to unignore or create a Jira ticket.

      Tenable Cloud Security enables Un-ignore and Create a ticket.

    2. Select one of the following options:

      • Un-ignoreTenable Cloud Security removes the issue from the ignored list. For more information, see Unignore an Issue.

      • Create a ticket — Creates a Jira ticket for the ignored issue. For more information, see Create a Ticket for an Issue.

  7. Click an ignored resource name to view the resource details. For more information, see View Resource Details.