View the Containers Dashboard

The Tenable Cloud Security Containers dashboard shows the vulnerabilities detected during a container image and registry scan.

To view the Containers dashboard:

  1. Access Tenable Cloud Security.

    The Dashboards page appears. The Misconfigurations tab is selected by default.

  2. Click the Containers tab.

    The Containers dashboard appears with several widgets showing key insights about the vulnerabilities detected in the container images and container registry scans.

  3. Click a widget to view more details on the Vulnerabilities page.

    The following table describes the widgets on the Containers dashboard:

Widget Description
Key Insights

Provides a quick overview of the following metrics:

  • Total public Kubernetes clusters

  • Total private Kubernetes clusters

    Note: Public clusters added through the CLI scan are listed as private clusters. If a cloud scan is run on such a cluster, it switches over as a public cluster. After that, the cluster remains as a public cluster irrespective of how the scan is run.
  • Total number of registries scanned

  • Total number of images scanned

  • Number of images with critical vulnerabilities

Kubernetes (K8s) Summary
K8s environment summary

Provides an overview of your Kubernetes environment:

  • Total namespaces

  • Total deployments

  • Total services

  • Total pods

  • Total jobs

By default, the data is shown for all clusters. Use the All clusters filter drop-down to select a specific cluster.

K8s misconfiguration summary Provides a summary of misconfigurations for Kubernetes clusters organized by severity.
Top 5 misconfigurations by impacted resources Lists the top five misconfigurations along with the number of impacted resources.
Image Summary
Top 5 image tags by VPR Lists the top five image tags, organized by Vulnerability Priority Rating (VPR).
Top 5 images by vulnerability Lists the top five images organized by the number of vulnerabilities.