Create a Custom Policy Group

You can create custom policy groups and add policies to it.

To add or create a custom policy group:

  1. On the left navigation bar, click the button.

  2. Click Custom policy.

  3. Click Add policy group.

    The Create Policy Group page appears.

  4. In the Select policies to add to policy group section, select the policies that you want to add to the policy group.

    1. To search and filter the policies:

      • Use the Search Policy box to search for specific policies.

      • Filter the policies by:

        • Severity — Filters by the severity of the policy violation — High, Medium, or Low.

        • Provider — Filters by the cloud provider — AWS, Azure, GCP, or Image.

        • Category — Filters by policy categories — Compliance Validation, Configuration and Vulnerability Analysis, Data Protection, Identity and Access Management, Infrastructure Security, Logging and Monitoring, Resilience, or Security Best Practices.

        • Resource Type — Filters by the resource type of the policy.

        • Benchmarks — Filters by policy benchmarks.

        • Policy Group — Filters by the policy group.

    2. Click Continue.

  5. In the Summarize policy group details section, provide the following:

    1. In the Provide a name box, type a name for the custom policy group.

    2. Select your cloud provider:

      • AWS

      • Azure

      • Google Cloud Platform

      • Image

        Note: Use Image for a creating policy group for policies for container image compliance.
    3. Select the policy mode:

      • Monitor

      • Enforce

      Note: For Image policy group, only Monitor and Enforce policy modes apply.

      For more information, see Policy Modes.

  6. Click Done.

    A message confirms that Tenable Cloud Security created a new custom policy group.