View and Download Policies

You can view the list of available policies, including both built-in and custom policies, on the Policies page and download a CSV report.

To view and download the policies:

  1. In the left navigation bar, click Policies.

    The Policies page appears and displays the Policies tab by default. The Policies tab displays the following details:

    Column Description

    Displays the policy name along with the severity and cloud provider.

    A policy can have one of the following severity levels:

    • — High

    • — Medium

    • — Low

    The following icons indicate the cloud provider for the policy:

    • AWS

    • Azure

    • GCP

    • Kubernetes


    Displays one of the following categories of the policy:

    • Compliance Validation

    • Configuration and Vulnerability Analysis

    • Data Protection

    • Identity and Access Management

    • Infrastructure Security

    • Logging and Monitoring

    • Resilience

    • Security Best Practices

    Resource Type Displays the resource type of the policy.

    Displays the compliance status of the policy. The status can be one of the following:

    • Not Assessed — Not scanned.

    • Compliant — Resource type is compliant with the policy after scan.

    • Non-Compliant — Resource type is not compliant with the policy after the scan.

    • Ignored — The policy violation has been ignored.

    Last Assessed Displays the date and time when the resource type was last assessed for that policy.
  2. To search and filter the policies, do one the following:

    • Use the Search Policy box to search for specific policies.

    • Click to view the filters. You can filter the policies by:

      • Provider — Filters by the cloud provider.

      • Benchmarks — Filters by policy benchmarks.

      • Categories — Filters by policy categories.

      • Resource Type — Filters by the resource type.

      • Severity — Filters by the severity of the policy violation.

      • Policy Group — Filters by the policy group.

      • Status — Filters by the compliance status of the policy for that resource type.

  3. Click Export to download a CSV report of policies. The CSV report contains the following fields:

    • Policy Group

    • Cloud Provider

    • Severity

    • Category

    • Policy ID

    • Policy Status

    • Total Evaluated Resources

    • Count of Failed Resources

    • Count of Passed Resources

    • Last Assessed

    Note: The CSV report contains the filtered data if any filters are applied.