View Policy Groups

You can view the list of all policy groups on the Policies page.

To view policy groups:

  1. In the left navigation bar, click Policies.

    The Policies page appears.

  2. Click the Policy Groups tab.

    The Policy Groups tab shows the following details:

    Column Description

    Displays the name of the policy group. Tenable Cloud Security has a policy group for each cloud provider.


    Displays the cloud provider of the policy group.

    Managed by Specifies whether the policy group is created and managed by Tenable (Accurics Inc) or is a custom policy group (User).

    Displays the projects to which the policy group is assigned.

    Policy count Displays the number of policies in that policy group.
  3. To filter the policy groups, click one of the following filters:

    • Cloud Provider — Filters by the cloud provider: AWS, Azure, GCP, and Kubernetes.
    • IaC Types — Filters by IaC types: Terraform, Terragrunt, Kustomize, Helm, CloudFormation, and Application.
    • Policy Type — Filters by policy types: Custom, User Input, and Accurics Managed.
  4. Click a policy group.

    The Policies pane appears and lists all the policies associated with the policy group. You can also view the benchmarks supported by the policy group.

    • Use the Search policies box to search for specific policies.

    • Use the Filter drop-down to filter the policies. You can filter by the following:

      • Severity to filter the policies by severity — High, Medium, and Low.

      • Benchmarks