View Scan History

You can view the scan history for both Misconfiguration Scans and Vulnerability Scans. Log details for failed scans or scans with errors give you the reason for the scan failure.

Note: The failed scan logs are available only for Vulnerability Scans.

To view the scan history details:

  1. On the home page, click Projects & Connections.

    Tenable Cloud Security displays the list of projects in the Projects tab.

  2. In the row for the project that you want to scan, click > Manage cloud scan profiles.

    The Manage scan profiles window appears.

  3. In the row of the scan profile for which you want to view the scan history, click > Scan history.

    The Scan history window appears with the following details:

    Column nameDescription
    Time started This is the scan start time.
    Scan typeThis shows the type of scan: Misconfiguration Scan or Vulnerability Scan.
    Scan status

    The status of the scan. Tenable Cloud Security updates the following statuses for scan profiles:

    • In progress

      Click to refresh the scan status.

    • Successful

    • Successful — For a scan that completes, but includes errors, you can download the log file by clicking the button.

    • Failed — For a failed scan, you can click the button to download the log file.

    Scan jobsThe total number of successful scans out of all the scans.
    Time elapsedThe time elapsed since the scan started.
    InitiatorShows whether the scan was initiated by the scheduler or the user.
  4. For vulnerability scans, click to download scan logs.

Scan Logs

The scan log is a zip file containing a log file in the JSON format that you can download from the Scan History page. The following is an example of a scan log file:

"cloud_scan_group_id": "",
"cloud_scan_id": "",
"resource_id": "",
"instance_id": "",
"role_arn": "",
"external_id": "",
"workflow_id": "",
"last_workflow_state": "SNAPSHOT_CREATION_FAILED",
"workflow_logs": [
"message": "snapshot workflow failed: failed to get latest snapshotID from volumeID: failed to describe snapshots: operation error EC2: DescribeSnapshots, https response error StatusCode: 403, RequestID: 00f4c4cf-1cf7-46c1-8fff-8773ef7bc74c, api error UnauthorizedOperation: You are not authorized to perform this operation.",
"error": ""

Scan Workflow Status

The following table shows the Agentless Assessment workflow statuses:

Workflow Status Description
REGION_NOT_SUPPORTED The cloud region where this asset lives does not support Agentless Assessment scans at the moment.
WORKFLOW_INIT A workflow is created for Agentless Assessment scan.
WORKFLOW_RESCHEDULED A failure occurred during scanning and the system is automatically retrying the scan.
SNAPSHOT_REQUESTED The system is preparing to perform a scan.
SNAPSHOT_REQUEST_QUEUED The scan is in queue.
SNAPSHOT_CREATION_INITIATED The scan is being processed.
SNAPSHOT_CREATION_FAILED An issue occurred while attempting to read installed packages from the snapshot. See message in logs for details.
SNAPSHOT_CREATION_SUCCESS The data necessary to generate a package inventory has been collected successfully.
CLUSTER_CREATION_INITIATED The system is generating an inventory of installed packages.
SCANJOB_SUCCESS The scan job completed successfully.
SCANJOB_FAILED The scan job failed.


The scan job completed successfully and internal metadata generated during the scan is being cleaned up from the system.