View Scan Profiles

You can view the list of scan profiles on the Manage scan profiles page.

To view the list of scan profiles:

  1. On the home page, click Projects & Connections.

    The Projects tab appears by default.

  2. In the row for the project that you want to scan, click > Manage cloud scan profiles.

    The Manage scan profiles window appears.

    Note: Tenable Cloud Security displays the number of scan profiles above the scan profiles table on the Manage scan profiles window.

    The Manage scan profiles window displays the following details:

    Column name Description
    Scan profile The name of the scan profile. The default scan profile name includes the Default tag next to the name.
    Resource types The number of resource types for the scan profile.
    Schedule interval The schedule configured for the scan. You can schedule only one scan at a time.
    Scan status

    The status of the scan. Tenable Cloud Security updates the following statuses for scan profiles:

    • In progress

    • Successful

    • Failed

    • Completed with errors


    Click Run Scan to initiate the scan for that scan profile.

    In this column, click the button to display the action options:

    • Edit — Click this option to edit the scan profile.

    • Duplicate — Click this option to create a duplicate of the scan profile.

    • Schedule scan — Click this option to configure a scan schedule for the profile.

    • Use as default scan — Click this option to set the scan profile as the default.

    • Scan history — Click this option to view the scan history details.

    • Delete — Click this option to delete the scan profile. The Delete option is not available for the system default scan profile and the default scan profile.