Not Able to Find your Repository?

When onboarding repositories, one or more repositories do not appear in the Connect to repository page.

Repositories might be missing due to any of the following reasons:

Insufficient privileges to access the repositories

Tenable Cloud Security does not have sufficient privileges to access your private repositories.


If the missing repositories are private repositories, grant access to Tenable Cloud Security to the private repositories. Depending on your version control system, use the following links to provide access to your repository.

Repository in an unrecognized or unsupported format

Tenable Cloud Security fails to discover the repositories because it was in an unrecognized format.


Make sure the repository is in a format that Tenable Cloud Security supports. Tenable Cloud Security supports only the following IaC engine types:

  • Terraform

  • Terragrunt

  • CloudFormation template

  • Kubernetes YAML

  • Helm Chart

  • Kustomize YAML

  • Azure Resource Manager

No authorization to access the GitHub organization

Tenable Cloud Security does not have the authorization to access the GitHub organization of the repository.


Reset the connection of Tenable Cloud Security with GitHub by following these steps:

  1. On the Connect to repository page, click Previous in the Choose onboarding repositories step.

    The Connect to a version control provider step appears.

  2. Click Reset to disconnect from GitHub.

    A confirmation box appears.

  3. Click Yes to confirm.

  4. Click GitHub to connect to GitHub again.

    Tenable Cloud Security Console redirects you to the sign-in page of the GitHub source code provider.

  5. In the Sign-in to GitHub window, type your credentials.

  6. Click Sign in.

    Tenable Cloud Security connects to the source code provider. Once the connection succeeds, the Reset button and a icon appear next to the source code provider.

Connection to GitLab is reset

GitLab repositories are onboarded successfully, but these repositories disappear after some time. You might see this issue with GitLab repositories or on-premises scanner accessing GitLab repositories . The possible cause for this issue is that the connection to GitLab is automatically reset because the authentication token has expired. For more information about this issue, see GitLab Token Unable To Refresh Due To Race Condition.


Reconnect and authenticate to GitLab.

Repository inherits the third-party access setting from the parent repository

If the repository is forked from an existing repository, it inherits the Third-party access setting from the parent repository. If third-party access is restricted to the repository with this setting, Tenable Cloud Security cannot access your repository.


Allow the Third-party access setting from your repository.

No admin access to the repository

Tenable Cloud Security does not have admin access to your repositories to set up a webhook. This webhook allows Tenable Cloud Security to test the pull requests and provide an accurate state of the vulnerabilities in your repositories.


Ask an administrator to grant you admin access to the repository via the repository's settings.

Azure organization's security policies restrict access to the repositories

For Azure DevOps, Azure allows tenants to define which applications can gain access to Microsoft resources through their Conditional Access Policy (CAP) feature. It is possible that Tenable Cloud Security is unable to read the resources because of these policies.


In the Organization Settings of Azure DevOps, ensure that the Third-party application via OAuth option under Application policies is enabled so that Tenable Cloud Security can read the repositories.

For more information about managing application connection policies, see Change application connection & security policies for your organization in Azure DevOps documentation.