Tenable Cloud Security Quick Reference Guide: Onboarding GCP Accounts

This Quick Reference Guide provides the sequence of tasks required to onboard Google Cloud Platform (GCP) cloud accounts to Tenable Cloud Security (formerly known as Tenable.cs) and to perform a cloud scan. Tenable Cloud Security assesses your cloud infrastructure at runtime to identify security and compliance violations.

Before you begin:

You must have the following:

  • Credentials for your Tenable Vulnerability Management user account.

  • A GCP project.


You can onboard your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) account by creating a Google service account for Tenable Cloud Security. Service accounts allow applications to authenticate and access Google Cloud resources and services. You must then provide the required permissions to this service account so that Tenable Cloud Security can read the resources in the Google cloud project and scan for vulnerabilities.

After connecting your cloud account, configure your cloud resources and then scan these cloud resources for any violations.


The following workflow provides the high-level tasks required for onboarding GCP accounts.

Tip: Click a box to view the relevant task.


For a demonstration on onboarding GCP accounts, see the following video:

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