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Configure a Dashboard in the Classic Interface

To configure a dashboard:

  1. In the top navigation bar, click Dashboards.
  2. In the left navigation bar, select the dashboard to be configured.
  3. Click the configure option.

    The Configure Dashboard window will display.

    Configure a Dashboard

  4. The default configuration for Targets is set to Off.

    Click to toggle the switch on.

    Note: The Targets option is set to Off when the Dashboard Components have different configurations. If all of the Dashboard Components have the same configuration, the Targets option will default to On.

  5. Select All Assets, Target Group, or Custom to apply configurations to the entire dashboard.

    Note:The Dashboard level filters will apply to the entire dashboard. However, changes to individual components can be made using the options on the Component Customization page.

    Configure a Dashboard

  6. Make the desired configurations and click Save.

    Configure a Dashboard

  7. The newly configured dashboard will display and appear in the My Dashboards section in the left navigation pane.

Note: If a template is selected when configuring the dashboard, the newly configured dashboard will be saved as a new dashboard in the My Dashboards section in the left navigation pane. If a customized dashboard is configured, the selected dashboard will be saved with the newly configured components

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