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Vulnerability States in the Classic Interface

States allow you to better filter and manage your vulnerabilities based on the states determined by the state service. States appear as text badges in the tables that appear on the Vulnerabilities workbench. You can filter vulnerabilities by states.

You can better manage the vulnerabilities tracked and reported by with states. By tracking vulnerability states, you can see changes in your system's vulnerabilities or detections over time. You can track the detection, resolution, and reappearance of vulnerabilities using the available states in the following table.





No badge

Visible on the workbench

The vulnerability is currently present on a host.


Has a badge

Visible on the workbench

The vulnerability is active, but was first detected within the last 14 days.


Has a badge

Hidden on the workbench, but visible through filters

The vulnerability was present on a host, but is no longer detected.


Has a badge

Visible on the workbench

The vulnerability was previously marked as fixed on a host, but has returned.

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