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View Scan Results for Container Images

After Container Security scans your container images, you can view the detailed scan results on the Container Security dashboard.

Before you begin:

To view scan results for container images:

Tip: In the top navigation bar, click a link in the breadcrumb trail to return to a previous page.

  1. In the Statistics section of the Container Security dashboard, click the Images widget.

    The Images page appears.

  2. In the images table, you can:

    • View details for the image:

      1. In the images table, click an image row.

        The image details page appears.

      2. On the image details page, you can:

        Tab Action
        • View vulnerability details for each vulnerability identified in the image:
          • View the SEVERITY rating.
          • View the VULNERABILITY ID.
          • View the RISK SCORE.
          • View the RELEASE DATE for the vulnerability.
        • Click a row in the vulnerabilities table.

          A vulnerability details plane appears, containing details and remediation recommendations for the vulnerability.

        • View details about malware identified in the image:
          • View the INFECTED FILE column for a list of infected files in the image.
          • View the FILE TYPE for each infected file.
          • View the MD5 hash algorithm for each infected file.
          • View the SHA256 hash algorithm for each infected file.
        Package Inventory
        • View the PACKAGE NAME for each package in the image.
        • View the PACKAGE VERSION for each package in the image.
        Layer Digest
        • View the DIGEST IDs for each layer in the image.

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