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Chart Definitions

Each Dashboard is comprised of several different chart types and options. The most common type of charts are line graph and donut. Line graphs generally provide data over a certain period of time while donut charts provide a percentage or amount out of a set total.

Chart Description/Option Definition
Vulnerabilities Workbench
Critical/High/Medium/Low Each data point on the line graph is the number of unique vulnerabilities found for a particular day. The total is the number of unique vulnerabilities found over a particular range (which is user-selectable; default 30). The trend is this total, compared to the total from the previous cycle; so, if 100 unique vulns were found in the last 30 days, and 150 unique vulns were found between 60 and 30 days ago, the trend would be -50.
Exploit Available Vulnerabilities that are tagged as having an exploit available.
Published Over 30 Days Ago Vulnerabilities that were first published more than 30 days ago.
Discovered Using Credentials These are vulnerabilities whose plugin_type is "local."
Published Solution Available These are vulnerabilities who have an attributes.cvss_temporal_vector.RemediationLevel equal to "Official-fix." Interpretation is that these are plugins that have a remediation available.
Health and Status
Scans per Day Scans run per day.
Completed Scans Number of completed scans out of total scans in the system. (Deleted scans are not counted in the total)
Scheduled Scans Number of scheduled scans out of total scans in the system.
New Scans Number of new scans out of total scans in the system. Definition of a new scan - A scan is considered "new" within a given time frame if it was originally created within the specific range that appears in the UI. (It does not refer to individual instances of the scan being launched.)
On Demand Scans Number of on-demand scans out of total scans in the system.



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