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Health and Status

The Health and Status section is comprised of data that relays information on the "well-being" of the system.

Chart Definition
Licensed Assets Number of licensed assets in the system.
Licensed Agents Number of licensed agents in the system.
Licensed Scanners Number of licensed scanners in the system.
Active Users The number of active users in the system dependent upon a given time frame (7 days, 14 days, etc.) if they have logged on at least once.
Scans per Day Number of scans run per day.
Completed Scans Number of completed scans out of total scans in the system.
New Scans

Number of new scans out of total scans in the system.

Note: A scan is considered "new" within a given time frame if it was originally created within that range.

Scheduled Scans Number of scheduled scans out of total scans in the system.
On Demand Scans Number of on-demand scans out of total scans in the system.

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