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Schedule an Export

You can use the Schedule Export option to schedule times to send PDF exports of customized dashboard views to specified recipients. The exported PDF is a generated report of the selected dashboard.


  1. Select the Analaytics Dashboard to be scheduled for export.
  2. Click the Export button (Export Button) at the top of the page.
  3. Select Schedule Export from the drop-down list. A new window will open.
  4. Enter the email address of the recipients and make the desired selections to schedule your export. See the chart below for information on the available options.

    Setting Default Value Description
    Frequency Once

    Specifies how often the scan launches.

    • Once: Schedule the scan at a specific time.
    • Daily: Schedule the scan to occur on a daily basis, at a specific time or to repeat up to every 20 days.
    • Weekly: Schedule the scan to occur on a recurring basis, by time and day of week, for up to 20 weeks.
    • Monthly: Schedule the scan to occur every month, by time and day or week of month, for up to 20 months.
    • Yearly: Schedule the scan to occur every year, by time and day, for up to 20 years.
    Starts Varies

    Specifies the exact date and time when a scan launches.

    The starting date defaults to the current date. The starting time is the nearest half-hour interval. For example, if you create your scan on 10/31/2016 at 9:12 AM, the starting date and time defaults to 10/31/2016 and 09:30.

    Time Zone Varies Specifies the timezone of the value set for Starts.
    Repeat Every Varies Specifies the interval at which relaunches a scan. The default value of this item varies based on the frequency you choose.
    Repeat On Varies

    Specifies what day of the week a scan repeats. This item appears only if you specify Weekly for Frequency.

    The value for Repeat On defaults to the day of the week on which you create the scan.

    Repeat By Day of the Month Specifies when relaunches a monthly scan. This item appears only if you specify Monthly for Frequency.
    Summary Not Applicable Provides a summary of the schedule for your scan based on the values you specified for the available settings.
    Encrypt PDF Off When the Encrypt PDF option is set to On, the Encryption Password box appears. Enter a password to complete the encryption configuration.
  5. Click Schedule Export. A processing icon will display as the system saves the information.
  6. A confirmation will appear at the top of the screen. The export will be sent according to the set schedule.

    Note: If a Dashboard Template is used when scheduling an export, two confirmation messages will appear. One confirming the scheduled export, the other confirming the addition of a copy of the template to the My Dashboards section.

  7. A Scheduled Export option will appear at the top of the screen. Hover over the Scheduled Export option to display a summary of the scheduled information. Click the option to open and modify the Schedule Export window.

    Note: The screen may need to be refreshed to see the Scheduled Export option at the top of the screen.

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