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Plugin ID Name Family
45590 Common Platform Enumeration General
54615 Device Type General
12053 Host Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) General
11936 OS Identification General
10287 Traceroute Information General
22964 Service Detection Service Detection
11933 Do not scan printers Settings
87413 Host Tagging Settings
19506 Nessus Scan Information Settings
33812 Port scanners settings Settings
33813 Port scanner dependency Settings
10180 Ping the remote host Port scanners
10335 Nessus TCP scanner Port scanners
11219 Nessus SYN scanner Port scanners
14274 Netstat Portscanner (SSH) Port scanners
14272 Netstat Portscanner (WMI) Port scanners
34220 Nessus SNMP Scanner Port scanners
34277 Nessus UDP Scanner Port scanners

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