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The top navigation bar displays a toggle to switch between Vulnerability Management, Container Security, and Web Applications, as well as links to the four main pages: Dashboards, Scans, Reports, and Settings. All of the Vulnerability Management primary tasks can be performed using these four pages. Click a page name to open the corresponding page.

On the right side of the top navigation bar, you can find the following options:



Advanced link

Displays the Advanced Search box. See the Search documentation for more information about advanced search.

Search box

Searches the current page. See the Search documentation for more information about contextual search.

Note: The Search box does not appear on every page.

Toggles the Need Help? box, which displays a list of common tasks. Click a link to begin a walkthrough guide.

Toggles the Notifications box, which displays a list of notifications, successful or unsuccessful login attempts, errors, and system information generated by

Note: Notifications are not preserved between sessions. Unread notifications are removed from the list when the user logs out.


Displays a drop-down menu with the following options: My Account, What's New, Documentation, and Sign Out.

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