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If you configure backups for on-prem, the system backs up all data. You can restore the backup data to the same deployment or a different on-prem deployment. For more information about restoring a backup, contact Support.

By default, the system schedules backups to run at 3:00 AM local time. The interface is not accessible while the system performs a backup, and the interface may remain inaccessible or behave abnormally for up to 20 minutes after the backup finishes. You can monitor the progress of the backup in on-prem configuration interface using the logs on the System Services tab of the Services page. For more information, see System Services.

For more information, see Configure Backups and Perform a Manual Backup.

Note: If a scan is scheduled to start during the backup window, delays the scan until after the backup window. If a scan is already running, continues running the scan through the backup window but scan results may be delayed.

The backup status Code backup finished, status 0 indicates that the backup succeeded without errors. If the backup status is a non-zero number, retry the backup before contacting Support for further assistance.

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