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Configure Backups

For more information, see Backup and Restore.

Before you begin:

To configure on-prem to back up data to a remote host:

  1. Log in to the on-prem configuration interface.
  2. Click Remote Storage.

    The Remote Storage page appears.

  3. Type a Remote Host, the hostname for the remote host where you want to store the backup.

    Note: The system assumes port 22 for SSH connections. You can specify a custom port by typing the Remote Host in the format hostname:port.

  4. Type a Remote Path, the location on the remote host where you want to store the files.
  5. Type a User, the username for a user on the remote host with write privileges for the Remote Path location.
  6. Paste in a SSH private key, the SSH private key you want on-prem to use when accessing the User/Remote Host you specified.
  7. Click Save Configuration.

    The system saves the remote host and automatically creates a backup timer. You cannot edit the time or frequency the backup runs

What to do next:

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