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Configure SMTP

To configure SMTP:

  1. Log in to the on-prem configuration interface.

  2. Click OnPrem Config.

    The OnPrem Config page appears.

  3. In the SMTP Host box, type the hostname or IP address for the mail server.
  4. In the SMTP Port box, type the port for the mail server. By default, the system assumes port 25.
  5. In the From E-mail box, type the email address you want the mail server to use when generating emails.

    For example:

  6. In the External IP/DNS box, type the on-prem deployment IP address or hostname you set during installation. The mail server uses this IP address or hostname when generating URLs (e.g., a password reset URL) for emails.

    For example:

  7. If your mail server supports TLS, select the TLS Enabled check box.
  8. If your mail server requires authentication, type a Username and Password for the mail server.
  9. In the Confirm Password box, re-type the password.
  10. Click Configure SMTP.

    The page refreshes to indicate the setup succeeded.

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