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Mount the On-prem ISO

Note: Tenable requires all customers to engage with Professional Services when installing and deploying on-prem. Do not install on-prem without assistance from Professional Services.

To mount the on-prem ISO:

  1. Download the on-prem ISO to a location on your server.

    - or -

    Download the on-prem ISO to a storage device (e.g., USB or CD-ROM).

  2. If you downloaded the ISO to a storage device, insert the storage device into your server.
  3. Create bootable media from the ISO.
  4. Configure your server to boot from the bootable media, following the instructions for your server.
  5. Restart the server to mount the ISO.

    If there are no configuration errors, the installation begins.

  6. If you need to edit proxy configuration settings, see Edit the Proxy Configuration.

  7. Confirm that settings 1-8 show an [x].
  8. Press the b key to begin the installation.

    The installation runs and the server restarts.

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