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Edit the Network Configuration

During installation, you may need to edit the network configuration settings. Perform this procedure to resolve errors [!] with your 4) Installation source and/or 5) Software selection settings.

Caution: Do not enter any other menus or modify any other settings.

Before you begin:

To edit the network configuration:

  1. From the Installation menu, press the 8 key.

  2. Press the Enter key.

    The Network Configuration menu appears.

  3. Press the 2 key.

  4. Press the Enter key.

    The Device Configuration menu appears.

  5. Review the 1) IPv4 address or "dhcp" for DHCP, 2) IPv4 netmask, 3) IPv4 gateway, and 6) Nameservers settings and, if necessary, edit them.

    For example, you must edit these settings if you are installing on-prem on a static network without DHCP.

  6. Check 8) Apply configuration in installer.
  7. Press the c key until you return to the Installation menu.

  8. Press the r key to refresh the menu.
  9. Confirm that settings 1-7 show an [x]. If the settings all show an [x] proceed to step 11.
  10. If 4) Installation source still shows a [!]:
  11. Press the r key to refresh the menu.
  12. Press the c key until you return to the Installation menu.

What to do next:

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