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Edit the Proxy Configuration

During installation, you may need to edit the proxy configuration settings to identify the proxy you want to use for internet access.

Caution: Do not enter any other menus or modify any other settings.

Before you begin:

To edit the proxy configuration:

  1. From the Installation menu, press the 3 key.

  2. Press the Enter key.

    The Proxy Configuration menu appears.

  3. Type the proxy you want to use. For example, https://username:password@

    Note: If your password includes a special character, the special character must be HTML URL encoded.

  4. Press the Enter key.
  5. If your proxy is a man-in-the-middle proxy that intercepts SSL traffic, a prompt appears.

  6. Press the 4 key.

  7. Press the Enter key.

    The Installation Source menu appears.

  8. Press the 3 key.
  9. Press the Enter key.

    The Installation Source submenu appears.

  10. Press the 2 key.
  11. Press the Enter key.

    The Specify Repo Options menu appears.

  12. Press the c key.
  13. Press the r key, then the Enter key.

  14. If necessary, continue pressing the r key, then the Enter key until 4) Installation source no longer says (Processing...).

    The system refreshes the repository URL.

What to do next:

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