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The Networking page provides real-time system sending and receiving information, interface connection options, and logs.

Sending and Receiving

The sending and receiving graphs provide a visual representation of the system traffic flow.


The Interfaces and Unmanaged Interfaces sections of the page display all current interfaces and unmanaged interfaces. For more information, see Add a Bond, Add a Team, Add a Bridge, and Add a VLAN.

Addresses Settings

Click an IPv4 interface to view the Addresses settings for on-prem.

Caution: You cannot edit your Addresses settings after you complete the installation process. Editing the on-prem static IP address, subnet mask, or gateway is not supported. For more information, contact Tenable Support.

DNS Settings

Click an IPv4 interface to edit the DNS settings for that interface. on-prem requires two DNS servers:

  • During installation, you configure a DNS server for your organization. You can modify this server later, but do not delete it.
  • After installation, Tenable automatically configures a DNS server ( for the on-prem Kubernetes internal cluster. Do not modify or delete this server.

The system requires up to 30 minutes to update your DNS configuration. The interface is unavailable during the update.

Networking Logs

The Networking Logs section of the page provides a daily log of activity for the system network.

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