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Set the Static IP Address

Note: Tenable requires all customers to engage with Professional Services when installing and deploying on-prem. Do not install on-prem without assistance from Professional Services.

Before you begin:

To set a static IP address for your on-prem deployment:

  1. In a browser window, navigate to https://[hostname]:8000/, where [hostname] is the IP address or hostname you set during installation.

    The on-prem configuration interface login page appears.

  2. Type the User name and Password for the initial Administrator user.

  3. Select the Reuse my password for privileged tasks check box.
  4. Click Log In.

    The on-prem configuration interface appears.

  5. Click Networking.
  6. In the Interfaces section, click the row for the active em1 interface.

    The details page appears.

  7. Next to IPv4 Address, click Automatic (DHCP only).

    The IPv4 Settings window appears.

  8. Click the Addresses drop-down box.

  9. Select Manual.

    The address boxes appear.

  10. In the address boxes, type the static IP address, the subnet mask, and the gateway for on-prem.

    Caution: These settings cannot be modified after you complete the installation.

  11. Next to DNS, click the add icon.
  12. In the first DNS box, type the IP address of your DNS server.

  13. If necessary, type additional IP addresses in the other DNS boxes.
  14. Click Apply.

    The confirmation window appears.

  15. Click Change Settings to confirm you want to apply the changes.

    The Networking page appears.

    Note: Later in the installation process, on-prem automatically adds another DNS server for the Kubernetes internal cluster. Do not delete or modify this DNS server.

  16. Close the browser window.
  17. In a new browser window, navigate to https://[hostname]/, where [hostname] is the static IP address or hostname you just configured.
  18. Type the User name and Password for the initial Administrator user.

  19. Select the Reuse my password for privileged tasks check box.

    The on-prem configuration interface appears.

What to do next:

  • If you configured a man-in-the-middle proxy that intercepts SSL traffic, you must also install the root CA for your proxy, as described in Manage Updates.

  • License and install, as described in License and Install

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