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Create a Dispute

Required User Role: Administrator

After a PCI scan is run, failures may be detected that must be disputed before an attestation request can be submitted. Users can create disputes in the PCI ASV workbench before sending to ASV Review. After the attestation request is in ASV Review, only responses to information requests may be added to the dispute.

To create a dispute:

  1. Click Dashboards > Workbenches > PCI ASV.

    The PCI ASV Attestation Requests page appears.

  2. On the Remediation tab, select the scan for which you wish to dispute a failure.

    The General Information page for the scan appears.

  3. Click the Undisputed Failures tab.

    The Undisputed Failures page appears.

  4. Select the check box(es) next to the undisputed failure(s) you wish to dispute.

    Tip: In the top right corner of the page, filter the failures by plugin ID and then select the check boxes next to the failures you wish to dispute together.

  5. In the top right corner of the page, click the New Dispute button.

    The Dispute page appears.

    Note: By default, the Dispute Detail tab opens. To see more information about the failure, click the Failures tab.

  6. In the Name box, type a name for the dispute. By default, the name is automatically populated with a concatenation of the IP address and the Plugin ID associated with the failure.
  7. In the Reason section, select the reason for the dispute.
  8. In the Explanation box, type an explanation for the dispute.
  9. In the Evidence section, click Add File to add any evidence that supports the dispute.

    Note: Evidence file size is limited to 10GB. You can add as many evidence files as needed. There are no restrictions on the file type that can be uploaded.

  10. From the Assigned To drop-down, select the user to which to assign the dispute.

    Tip: Try assigning disputes to individuals on your team to divide up your remediation workload.

    Note: To view more information about the plugin and better understand the failure, click the Plugin ID. You can copy and paste content from the plugin detail into the explanation field to better define the dispute.

  11. Click Save.

    The dispute saves and can be viewed on the Disputes tab for the scan.

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