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Submit an Attestation for ASV Review

Required User Role: Administrator

To submit an attestation for ASV review:

  1. Click Dashboards > Workbenches > PCI ASV.

    The PCI ASV Attestation Requests page appears.

  2. On the New Scan Results tab, select one or more scan results that you want to submit for attestation.

    Tip: Select the check box next to each scan result you want to submit.

  3. Click the Start Attestationbutton.

    The PCI ASV Attestation Request window appears.

  4. (Optional) Update the Name and/or Owner field in the PCI ASV Attestation Request window.
  5. Click Send to ASV Review.

    The Send Attestation Request to ASV Review window appears.

    Note: If there are any undisputed failures in the attestation, then a message appears recommending that you dispute the failures. Click Dispute Failures to dispute any remaining failures.

  6. Click Continue.

    The Scan Attestation screen appears.

    Scan Attestation page

  7. In the Attestation Agreement section, carefully read the terms of the attestation agreement.
  8. Click Attest.

    An Attestation Successfully Submitted for ASV Review message appears and the attestation appears under the In Remediation tab in your PCI ASV Workbench.

Tip: After you create your first attestation, the Scan Attestation screen automatically populates the above fields with your previously entered information.

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