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PCI ASV is a PCI (Payment Card Industry) ASV (Approved Scanning Vendor). An ASV is an organization with a set of security services and tools (ASV scan solution) to conduct external vulnerability scanning services to validate adherence with the external scanning requirements of PCI DSS.

Any company that has networks that touch payment card transactions is required to regularly scan their networks for PCI Compliance. In addition, these companies must have these scans reviewed by a third party, an ASV, such as Tenable™.

Tenable's ASV features give customers the ability to create bulk disputes of failures, consolidating failures by plugin. This results in the need for only a single reason/supporting evidence covering hundreds of failures. This greatly reduces the amount of work for the customer and the reviewer.

Additionally, the Tenable™ PCI Template/Scan is very comprehensive, providing a higher level of security for our customers. Tenable's PCI ASV workflow strictly follows PCI Compliance Guidelines, ensuring that vulnerabilities do not exist for more than a 90 day period on a network that touches payment card interactions. Performance is significantly enhanced for both the customer and reviewer, speeding up the process and ensuring that this essential compliance requirement is met each quarter for hundreds of our customers.

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