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About Reports

Reports can be considered in two parts: the report definitions, and the results. Using the Reports page, you can create a report and configure its definitions, run existing reports, and view the results of those reports. To access the Reports page, on the top navigation bar, click Reports.

The Reports page includes the following folders:

  • The My Reports folder is the default folder that appears when you access the Reports page. Reports that you create will appear in this folder.
  • The All Reports folder displays all reports that you have permission to interact with. If you are using an administrator account, then this folder will display all reports that have been created by your organization.
  • The All Report Results folder displays all of the results from reports that you have permissions to view. If you are using an administrator account, then this folder will display all results from reports that are created by your organization. Results are displayed in chronological order based on when the reports were run.
  • The Trash folder displays report definitions (i. e., the reports that appear in the My Reports and All Reports folders) that are deleted. In the Trash folder, you can restore deleted reports or permanently delete them.

    Caution: Report results are not sent to the Trash folder. When you delete the result of a report, it is permanently deleted and cannot be restored. includes a number of report templates that you select from when creating a report. This documentation includes a table of the report templates, as well as the complete, default descriptions that are provided with the templates.

This section contains the following information about reports:

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