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About Scans

When you access the Scans page, the My Scans folder appears by default. A list of scans appears in the center pane. This documentation refers to the list as the scans table.

In each folder on the Scans page, the scans table displays the scans stored in that folder and the status of each scan. You can use the scans table to view the results of a scan, view when a scan is scheduled to run, view when the scan was last modified, and launch or delete a scan.

The following table lists the indicators that reflect the status of a scan.

Indicator Description

This scan is complete.

This scan did not complete because the Nessus service was stopped during the scan.

This scan is imported and has not yet been launched.

This is a scheduled scan or a new scan that has not yet been launched.

This scan is running.

This scan is canceled.

This scan is paused.

This scan is stopped.

Tip: For more information on how to work with scans, refer to the scans workflow.

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