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Scan Folders

The Folders section contains all of your configured scans in, organized into folders.

The Folders section always includes the following default folders that cannot be removed:

  • My Scans
  • All Scans
  • Trash

Scan Folders

By default, when you access the Scans page, the My Scans folder appears. When you create a scan, it appears in the My Scans folder by default. You can then move the scan to a different new or existing folder.

The All Scans folder displays all scans you have created as well as any scans that you have permission to interact with.

The Trash folder displays scans that you have deleted. In the Trash folder, you can permanently remove scans from your instance, or restore the scans to a selected folder. If you delete a folder that contains scans, all scans in that folder are moved to the Trash folder. Scans stored in the Trash folder are automatically deleted after 30 days.

Note: Users with administrative privileges can view all user-created scans in

For more information, see Manage Scan Folders.

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