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Scanning Overview

Configure scans to collect data for This overview walks you through the main steps you need to create, configure, launch, and manage scans.

Depending on your organization, one person may perform all of the steps, or several people may share the steps.

Create and launch an assessment scan

  1. Create a scan.
  2. Select a scan template that fits your needs.

    When you configure a Tenable-provided scan template, you can modify only the settings included for the template type. When you create a user-defined template, you can modify a custom set of settings for your scan.

    • Use a Tenable-provided scanner template.
    • Use a Tenable-provided Agent template.
    • Create and use a user-defined template.
  3. Configure the scan:
    • Configure the scan settings available for your template.

      For information about scan targets, see Scan Targets.

    • (Optional) To run a credentialed scan, configure credentials.
    • (Optional) To run a compliance scan, select the compliance audits your scan includes.
    • (Optional) If you are using an advanced scan template, select what plugins your scan includes.
  4. Launch the scan.

View and manage scans

  1. View your configured scans.
    • View scan details and scan results for a specific scan.
    • Manage scan folders.
  2. To analyze data across all your scan results, see Analysis.

Refine scanning settings

  • Use exclusions to restrict the scanning of specific hosts based on a selected schedule.
  • Use target groups to set permissions on which hosts a user can scan.
  • To understand scan distribution concepts such as scanner capacity, job queues, and how dispatches tasks, see Scan Distribution.

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