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Change a Password

This procedure can be performed by any user. The method of changing your password varies slightly based on the role assigned to your user account. Administrators can change the password of any user account.

  1. As an administrator, edit a user account.

    The Edit User page appears.


    As a standard or basic user, in the upper-right corner of the top navigation bar, click your name, and then click My Profile.

    The My Profile page appears.

  2. In the center pane, click the Change Password tab.

    The Change Password section appears.

  3. In the Current Password box, type your current password. If you are an administrator that is changing the password for an account other than your own, skip this step.
  4. In the New Password box, type a new password.
  5. In the Confirm Password box, repeat the password that you typed in the New Password box.
  6. Click the Save button.

    The new password is saved.

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