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Connectors uses connectors, including third-party data connectors, to import assets from other platforms.

To use connectors to scan your assets, you must first configure the platform the connector will integrate with, then create the connector.

After you configure platforms and create connectors, you can manage connectors from the Settings page in supports connectors for Vulnerability Management and Container Security.

Vulnerability Management Connectors

Vulnerability Management includes connectors for the following platforms:

The licensing implications are as follows:

  • Assets discovered through the connectors do not count against the license until and unless the asset is scanned for vulnerabilities. Discovery through the connector is free.
  • Assets discovered through the connectors that did become licensed fall off the license the day after the asset was terminated. This event can be observed via the connector.

Container Security Connectors Container Security includes connectors for the following asset repositories:

Note: To allow Container Security to import and analyze your assets via a connector, you must first configure the connector to the registry where your assets are stored. For information about Container Security connectors, see Configure Connectors to Import Images in the Container Security User Guide.

  • On-prem networks or computers
  • Amazon Web Service (AWS) Elastic Container Registry (ECR)
  • Local registries (e.g, Docker)

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